The Resurrection Murders

This was the original 2009 website that was created to launch Donald Michael Kraig's, The Resurrection Murders. Publisher: Galde Press; First Edition ~1st Printing edition (February 1, 2009). Once the publicity died done and Kraig was moving on to the launch of his next novel, this site's domain registration was allowed to expire. The website disappeared from the internet. Now I happen to be a fan of Donald Kraig, so I was delighted when I recently discovered that the domain for was available. I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages and to point visitors to their new site. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. After I took this site live again, I decided to reread theThe Resurrection Murders.. Since it was still rather warm out on the porch, I decided to change into my favorite Batman T-shirt with the Sketchy Shadows screen printed image on it. The black fabric and sketch of Batman on his knees with skeleton shadows in the background seemed to evoke the right mood. I admit I am a Batman Marvel Comic book freak and now buy all my cool Batman T shirts at this new site I just discovered. Some of the sublimated printed shirts are really cool, but for the moment I am sticking with the 100 cotton standard T-shirts. This site also sees sweatshirts and hoodies with the same great images. Come fall I am definitely getting a new Batman hoodie. Anyway, I settled down on the large porch swing with a cold beer and started reading. Goodbye the rest of the day.

SO the site doesn't look like the original, but the content is direct from its archived pages. I think that this site, touting Kraig's, The Resurrection Murders should remain accessible to visitors on the web.

The Resurrection Murders
The Exciting New Novel by Donald Michael Kraig

This thrilling new novel by bestselling author Donald Michael Kraig skillfully blends intriguing characters, a powerful murder mystery, and elements of real occultism placed in a modern environment. Surf this website to learn more about this amazing and startling story, the players, and how they're involved in magic, ritual, astral projection, murder, satanism, and bizarre sexual practices. You'll also discover more about the author and how you can get a copy for yourself.

The Background for
The Resurrection Murders

There's no doubt about it, interest in the world of the occult is growing every day. On TV there have been vampires and vampire hunters, psychics and Witches. One of the most popular series of books of all time is about a boy learning to be a wizard. Bookstores are filled with fantasy stories that are filled with occultism. And there is one thing all of the books, TV shows, and movies have in common:

Not one of them was written by a real occultist!

Make no mistake,magic is real!It is practiced by thousands upon thousands of people around the world every day. However, it is not at all like what appears in the novels, movies, TV shows, role-playing games and comic books. Magic is a real science that anyone can learn. But it requires far more than just badly mumbling through the words in an aged and eldritch book.

Perhaps nobody knows this better than Donald Michael Kraig, one of the most respected authors on practical, real magic in the world today. In The Resurrection Murdershe answers some simple questions: "What would he be like if Harry Potter were an adult, practiced real magic, and lived in modern Los Angeles?”

There have been a few attempts to blend real magic with fiction, but it is only now, with his mastery of character and plot, that real magic comes alive! That is why you’ll read the following comments at the start of this book:

“The rituals and magical techniques described in this book are based on ancient, traditional methods. Practitioners of magic believe such rituals are effective and can actually work to cause changes in our physical world. However, all of the rituals and magical methods described in this book are incomplete. The author, publisher, distributors and retailers will not be responsible for the results should any person attempt to perform any of the rituals described in this work. Readers interested in learning the full forms of the rituals presented in this book, along with the theories, techniques and philosophies behind them, are directed to the author’s previous work,Modern Magick (St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1988.).”

If you are an occultist or someone interested in what magic is really like, or if you just want the most exciting book you're going to read this season, you must getThe Resurrection Murders!

Characters Make the Story

The secret of a good story that gets away from many authors is that the best stories are not about events. Rather, they're about intriguing characters and how they react to events.The Resurrection Murdersis filled with fascinating people, each with strengths and weaknesses, that will draw you into a powerful story of victory and loss, of horror and shock, of heroism and redemption. Here are some of the major characters:

Simon Ravenis the main character ofThe Resurrection Murders. His family left him enough money to live without working. Other than that, the tall, graceful, man of indeterminate age is just like you with one exception—he is a magician. No, not the guy in the wrinkled tuxedo who pulls bunnies from hats for children‘s birthday parties. He is a real magician, a person who is able to warp reality at will. Unlike typical movies and comic books, however, real magic is far more than simply mispronouncing words from an aged book. It requires practice as real magic is a skill that can be developed. He has an obsession with some objects to which he assigns magical powers. Chief among them are his many ancient and powerful yet delicate sterling silver rings of mysterious origin. He consults them with regularity and only wears them when the occasion requires them - usually when he needs to enhance is already significant magical prowess. The rings speak to him and act as both oracles and prophesies. Simon is muscular but limber, more like a graceful Bruce Lee than bulky, muscle-bound professional wrestler. He's a vegetarian with long, light brown hair that he wears straight to his shoulders. He always wears black. His strong facial structure draws admiration wherever he goes. But he's far from perfect. His impatience and sometimes misplaced self-assuredness could mean his downfall, the deaths of members of the magical organization he runs, and perhaps even the end of humanity as we know it.;

Allenda (Alli) Henleyis another of the main characters. She’s practically the opposite of Simon. He has enough money to survive comfortably, but she was brought up in great wealth. Her mother died when she was young and she was raised by her father who doted on her. His over protectiveness prevented her from establishing a strong personality, resulting in a low self-image. She always wears large, heavy-framed glasses and is somewhat overweight. She dresses conservatively and because she never had to do any physical work she hates even thinking about exercise, although once she gets going doing physical work she can really get into it.

In some ways, Alli is more than just a main character. In magical orders, one of the goals is to advance spiritually by developing and mastering the ego. As a member of Simon’s order, this is something she is supposed to do, but has been resisting. Now, however, things are different. As the events rapidly move toward a peak, people find themselves depending upon her for their very lives, and she must either come into her own as a strong, independent woman and magician, or face death. Is she really up to the task?

Paul Christianhas been a cop in the Hollywood police department for 22 years. For all of his dedication he’s got a divorce from the only woman he’s ever loved, rarely gets to see his children, a peptic ulcer that he bathes in Tums tablets that he chews far too frequently, and a cynical attitude. Years ago he solved a crime that involved some people involved with the occult. He used standard procedures to solve the case, but was labeled “the occult cop.” He doesn't know anything about occultism, but he has to learn its secrets, and learn them quickly. Murders have been taking place and the bodies are being dumped in Hollywood. The murders have “occult overtones,” so he’s assigned the case. But the real clues are either too few, too many, or completely confusing. He’s always been tough but fair. He’d have been a captain by now, but because he won't play political games he’s still just a detective on the beat. And now, beside trying to stop what seems to be a serial killer, he also has to face further department politics, crazy occultists, wacky Christian fundamentalists, satanists, and a wild assortment of people that could only be found in what many have called “Hollyweird.” The resignation papers that only require his signature and that are sitting in the top drawer of his desk are becoming more and more inviting, but his dedication to stopping the killings may be even more important.

Arthur White is the teacher everybody hated in school. He’s a stuffy old fart in his late fifties. Even though he’s graying and balding far beyond his years, he still has a baby face with thin lips, beady eyes, an overbite and a receding chin. White owns an occult shop where people can go to purchase books and supplies. Like Simon, he runs an occult order, but like White himself, the order has no power and no magic although he is so egotistical and full of himself that he thinks it is the most powerful group in the world. White is so sure that everyone is interested in whatever interests him that he never notices his long and irrelevant monologues bore everyone to tears. He always uses big words when unneeded, and two paragraphs with a citation in Latin when a simple “yes” or “no” would suffice.

Dr. Alexander Gardneris a popular and well-respected professor at UCLA. He’s in his 70s, but with his white teeth and clear, sparkling eyes, he looks much younger. He is slim, but has a decided tummy paunch. Gardner still has a full head of thick, silver hair, but it is usually wild and unkept, matching his bushy eyebrows. He prefers sweaters to jackets, and usually carries a dark, tobacco-stained, unlit pipe in his left hand that he uses as a prop to emphasize a point.

As a professor, he is deliberate and unwilling to make guesses. He will say nothing unless he has researched it and is sure of what he is talking about. He is an expert in occult theory and history, but that doesn’t mean he could perform even a minor spell and he knows it. But if you’re a cop looking for information on the occult, knowing Dr. Gardner is invaluable.

Erisis nothing less than a mystery. In fact, Eris is the only name she goes by and nobody knows her full name. Now in her middle to late 30s, she was a wild child who had been deserted by her Gypsy parents. After not getting along with numerous foster parents she went off on her own. She is short, but has a tiny waist and large bust that draws the attention of men and women. She knows this and shows off her figure with revealing clothes. After gasping at her figure, people find the high cheekbones, brilliant emerald-green eyes and dark skin surrounded by long, reddish-black hair absolutely hypnotic.

Eris knows the erotic power she has over others and uses it to her advantage. She always has lots of money and how she gets it is never discussed between her and her friends in Simon’s magical order. But she knows what they think and laughs at it. She values herself too much to sell her sexuality. Actually, she discovered that she could predict movements in the stock market through the use of astrology and makes plenty of money through investments.

Passionate and filled with personal power, she enjoys helping others as much as she enjoys teasing. But there are others who are drawn to her overt sexuality, and that could be her downfall.

Alan Crawfordis both a geek and a schlub. He was born in Chicago and brought up on its tough streets. He was the butt of jokes because he was always late. And lazy. Even now he is at least 35 pounds overweight. But he doesn't care because he’s so smart. He barely got through school because he was bored in all of his classes and didn’t pay attention. Although he has a high I.Q. he’s never gone after or worked at a good job because he wants to spend his time studying. He was bored with every job he's ever held.

And then he discovered two things: occultism and typesetting. He trained to be a typesetter before the modern computerized era. Instead of seeing what the page looked like on a screen, he had to visualize how a page would appear based on the intermixed code and text on the screen in front of him. As a result, he developed advanced skills in a basic mystical technique: visualization. This led him to the occult. He became fascinated by the mathematical and geometric transformations he found in certain aspects of the Kabalah.

A job led him to Los Angeles. His growing love of the occult led him to Simon’s magical order. He also has fallen in love with the mysterious Eris, but is far too shy to tell her and has to watch his every movement and glance when he’s around her so she doesn’t suspect. When he leaves work or the order meetings he just goes home to a small apartment where he studies and dreams of Eris’ touch. He has no hobbies and no friends outside of the order.

Angelica Firestone is a young goth punk. She is 21, but she frequently behaves as if she’s several years younger. Her hair is cut short and has been died jet black. She wears pale, whitish make-up so she looks as if she’s been stuck indoors throughout her life. She loves to dance and party. On the inside of her right thigh is a tattoo of a single red rose with a dagger through it. There is one drop of blood at the blade’s tip. She never had any self-discipline until she joined Simon’s order. Now, everyone has taken her under their wing and she is like the child of the order. Angelica is cute and sexy in a charmingly naive way. Everyone wants to protect and care for her. As a result, she has been allowed to grow mentally and spiritually. She has opened to the ability to channel other...“entities,” and has become the group’s seer.

The Baron is even more of a mystery than Eris. He has his own occult group, but they are independent and certainly not in competition with Simon’s group. Little is known about him and few know anything of his background. But one thing’s for sure: he's big. He’s six-foot-four and 300 pounds, but doesn't have an ounce of fat on his massive, muscle-bound body. He looks like a football lineman, with wide shoulders and stocky legs. His lack of body fat resulted in sharp facial figures. Although most images of male beauty today tend to focus more on a slender figure, he is definitely craggy and big, exuding a cold, cynical power.

The Baron—nobody knows if that is a name or a title—loves the finer things in life to a point of ostentatiousness. He wears custom-made clothes in modern fashions, but they really don’t look good on his massive frame. He appreciates fine foods and wines. Even though he doesn’t need it he wears a black patch over his left eye. A small ruby is embedded in the center of the patch. His strength is huge and his occult knowledge extensive. But pride can blind a person to reality.

Dr. Valdemar Orlac was born Hans Stringmeier. He grew up holding a wide variety of jobs, including a carnival barker and a tabloid reporter. He spent most of his time with the dregs of humanity and came to the conclusion that Barnum was overly optimistic when he said, “There's a sucker born every minute.” Five years in the army’s “black operations” gave him the skills to control people. Nietzche, Bentham, Darwin, and life as a carny gave him his philosophy. He presented this in a religious guise, the image of the opposite of what good people did. He called it “Satanism.” But his real intentions go far deeper than that, and part of his goal is to link neo-Nazi and occult groups. He realizes that Simon can be a great asset or his greatest foe, and he decides to do everything possible to make Simon an ally—or a corpse.

Miguel del Florio was one of the world’s most respected authorities on Norse mythology. But his interest in that area led to the loss of his job and the loss of his beloved wife through divorce. Embittered, he sought to find the real power behind the Northern ways. Unfortunately, that led him to Orlac, and he became an ardent follower.

These are just a few of the amazing people you will come to know and love...or hate...or fear in The Resurrection Murders. Intriguing, exciting, enticing, and involving, this book will pull you into its pulse-pounding pages from the first line to the last page. Order now or read some more information about this book.

Here is an encounter with magic and mayhem from the first chapter of
The Resurrection Murders


Simon was interrupted by the sound. For a moment both he an Allenda held their breaths—surprised, shocked. He quickly looked around the familiar room. It was large and circular with a high, conical ceiling crossed by sweeping, open beams. The window-filled walls were hidden in shadows created by the few white candles that lit the room. In the darkness the sound seemed to come from everywhere. Simon quickly made a visual check against his memory of everything in the chamber.

“What was that?” asked Allenda finally, a tinge of fear in her voice. She had seen enough strange things in the magic room to know that everything which happened in there meant something.

Simon found the cause of the sound and pointed it out to her. “It’s nothing, Allenda,” he told her, seeking to calm her nerves. “See? A mirror fell off of the wall, that’s all. It was probably shaken loose by a microquake or a big truck going by. And you know how poor I am at hanging stuff on the walls.”

They were both silent for a second as if thinking about the fallen mirror. In the silence they heard an eerie crackling sound, like the wrinkling of cellophane when it is being removed from a new toy. The sound sent shivers of fear up Allenda’s spine. Simon felt the same sensation but fought it and brought his attention back to discovering the source of the sound. He found that source in one of the thirteen large windows that filled the walls of the magic room. He watched, fascinated, as an uncanny spider-web of translucent lines crept from the lower, left-hand corner of the window up and across its length and width. When the window was covered with a maze of cracks the sound stopped for a second. All Simon could hear was their breathing breaking the silence. Suddenly, the window exploded inward, covering the area near it with shards of glass.

Allenda’s voice rose in fear as she called her teacher’s name, “Simon…”

The mage closed his eyes and opened his psychic senses. Instantly he felt a familiar, prickly sensation. It ran up and down his body like static electricity. The hair on his arms and on the back of his neck stood almost straight out.

Damn me for being overconfident! He further explored with his psychic senses and saw where an enemy had broken though his magical defenses. Simon, caught up in his daily responsibilities, had simply forgotten to regularly strengthen them. When this is over I’ll have to reset the magical wards, he thought. That would protect his home against unwanted intruders. But now there was work to do, magical work. The window to the left of the first one started to make crackling noises and a web of lines started to appear, marring its clarity.

“Okay, Alli,” he said in a calming voice, “move into the circle.”

Allenda started to grab her notebooks and some papers. My notes! My notes! I need them so I can help perform the rituals. The window shattered into the room, covering several tables and the floor around it with sharp blades of glass. A wind whistled through the massive, broken-edged holes which were once two sealed windows. Like walking into a grocer’s freezer, the temperature took a jump south. Allenda’s skin broke out in gooseflesh and her breath became visible in the dim light. “What’s happening?” she cried, trying to be heard over the increasing volume of the wind. Loose papers that had been on a desk flew off of it and blew across the floor like flat marionettes drawn by invisible strings.

“We’re under some sort of magical attack. Get into the circle—now! Let me work.”

Another window shattered into the room. Startled by this new crash, Allenda dropped the things she had gathered and bent to pick them up.

“Alli, forget about that stuff and get into the circle!”

“But how can I help you if I don’t have my notes and…”

Get in the circle!

Another window crashed into the room. She could barely hear Simon over the din from the wind that now blew freely from the outside. In all their work he had never raised his voice to her like that. The wind kicked up papers all over the room. The worn, leather cover on an ancient book flew open and the pages, as if animated by a controlling mind, flew at her, attacking as if they were alive. They covered her face, suffocating her. Allenda started to scream, but they flew into her mouth, gagging her. She tore them off and threw them aside, but for every one she removed two took its place. She fell to her knees, struggling for breath. Finally, the pages stopped coming at her and she was able to pull the remaining ones off of her face. Hunched over on her hands and knees, she sucked in the air around her. For some reason the air just smelled bad, like a sour smog. The air smells…evil, she thought. Allenda rose and followed Simon’s order to move into the circle. She moved slowly as the candles had long-since flickered out and the room was only lit from distant lights outside Simon’s home. She did not know the room as well as Simon did. She was also worried. How can I possibly be of any help without my notes?

Three more windows exploded, one after another, showering the room with glass. A large shard, seemingly a guided missile, struck a glancing blow on Allenda’s left calf. She cried out in pain as she fell to the floor. Simon, meanwhile, had assembled his tools on the altar that was in the middle of the room. The altar was formed of two cubes on top of each other forming a double cube a yard high and eighteen inches to a side. The top cube was painted white. The lower cube was black. On top of it now were a cup, a couple of daggers that were sharp on both edges, a strangely-shaped wand and something circular under a black piece of cloth. All of the items were colorfully painted and had strange symbols on them. When Simon heard Allenda’s cry he turned and looked at her. She waved him off and got to her feet. The cut was painful but Allenda thought it was neither serious nor deep. Even so, she left a trail of large driblets of blackish-red blood as she limped the rest of the way across the floor and entered the circle.

Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash!

The rest of the windows exploded inward, one after another. The howling wind made communication between Simon and Allenda virtually impossible. The huge chandelier above the center of the room swung randomly and ominously, buffeted by the wind which came, it seemed, from all directions. Allenda looked at Simon as he prepared the magic circle of protection. He will protect me just as… Alli gasped as she realized what she was thinking. …just as daddy had always protected me.

Simon folded both his hands around the handle of one of the daggers and pointed with the tip of it to his forehead. “Ah-tah!” he cried. A bright beam of pure, white, scintillating light came from far above and seemed to glow around his head. He brought the tip of the blade down to his stomach and cried “Mahl-koot!” The beam of light followed the dagger and went past it to the floor. Allenda knew that the spiritual light would descend to the center of the Earth.

He pointed to his right shoulder, then his left shoulder. “Vih-geh-boo-rah! Vih-geh-doo-lah!” Then he folded his hands at his chest, the tip of the blade pointing upwards. “Lih-oh-lahm, Vah-ed!” Simon was enveloped in a cross of purified, white light. The features of his face seemed to blend in with the light, as if he had united with the Divine. The ends of the bars of the cross of light seemed to extend onward and outward to infinity.

With each of his breaths the cross of light expanded until it surrounded the mage and his pupil. He moved around the altar to stand at the eastern point of the glow. This was also at the most eastern point of a white circle, nine feet in diameter, which had been painted on the floor. With the dagger he drew in the air a large, five-pointed star—the sacred pentagram!—with one point upward. The star glowed with the blue light of an electrical spark. The energy-form he had created hung in the air crackling and sizzling with magical force and power. He inhaled and drew the dagger up into the air. A reddish glow formed around the tip. As he exhaled he thrust the blade toward the center of the star, shouting “Yood-Heh-Vahv-Heh!” A torrent of reddish flame burst from the tip of the blade and went through the center of the pentagram to the ends of time and space. When he finished with his breath, the red line faded, leaving only some strange, reddish symbols in the center of the star. Simon had sealed the east with one of the sacred names of God.

Allenda, her pain forgotten, watched in awe. I’ve seen Simon in ritual before, but never like this! He was power incarnate, imbued with energy, self-confidence and strength. She longed to feel that energy, to join with it.

He pointed to the center of the star and moved around the circumference of the circle to the south, always pointing outward with the dagger. A line of blue fire, crackling with energy, followed the tip of the blade. Here he repeated his previous actions, calling, “Ah-doh-nai,” another of God’s names. The mad wind began to die down.

Simon continued the process to the west and the north, calling “Eh-heh-yeh!” and “Ah-glah!” respectively. Then he completed the circle, connecting with magical energy the northern pentagram to the one at the east. A ring of blue light with bright blue stars at the four directions, each with red symbols in their centers, surrounded them. As Simon concentrated, the ring expanded below and above, forming a sphere of protection. The wind roared once, as if in defiance, and was gone.

The sudden silence was eerie. Their breaths, the creaking of the chandelier as its swaying slowed on its support wire and the occasional rustle of papers as a calm breeze blew through the destroyed windows were almost painfully loud against the silence. The magic room was on the top floor of the turret that Simon had added to the house and he could almost always count on a breeze coming through open windows. Usually the wind was cleansing, purifying, bringing in clean air. Tonight it was stagnant, humid and noxious. All it did was gently move.

Simon opened a side of the altar and pulled out a candle. He placed the candle on the altar and lit it with a Bic lighter also taken from inside the altar. As the flame on the candle grew he peered through the spiritual lights that surrounded them.

“Is it over?” Allenda asked.

Simon closed his eyes. He sensed that the evil which had invaded his home was even stronger than before. He was furious with himself for being so overconfident. How could I have forgotten to keep my defenses strong? Why didn’t I detect this attack and deflect it long before it arrived? Simon tried to detect the direction the attack was coming from. Suddenly, his eyes grew big with a thought he had not wanted to face. Whoever did this is as at least as powerful—maybe even more powerful—than me.

“Simon, is it over?” Allenda repeated.

He didn’t bother to reply to her directly. Instead he used his foot to push aside some glass and sat on the floor. “Sit with me, Allenda. Let’s use our strength to increase the power of the circle.”

Allenda hobbled over to him, pushed aside some glass, and sat cross-legged, face-to-face with her mentor. Simon sat comfortably in the yogic lotus position. Damn! I wish I had his flexibility. She brought her mind back to the point at hand and concentrated with Simon on making the circle strong. Although she knew it was a sphere, tradition made everyone call it a circle. They visualized the energy that protected them grow stronger in their minds. Allenda looked around and took a deep breath. The blue of the circle had grown brighter. The white energy inside the circle was brighter, too.

The candle sputtered and went out. All Allenda could hear was their breathing. I don’t like this. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I can’t stand it when I’m not in control! She squirmed. Her leg ached. Why couldn’t this be over? A new sound, unlike anything she had ever heard, assaulted her. It made her think both of an ugly, oleaginous, sticky substance and also the slitheriness of a demonic night creature.She detected some motion near one of the windows. What’s that outside the circle?

A fog unlike any she had ever seen hovered at the sills of all the smashed windows. Lit up from behind, the fog glowed like a mist from hell. It was on all sides of the room. As if on command, it oozed over the sills of the shattered windows. It slithered and burbled across the floor, moving slowly, inexorably undulating toward the circle....

And so begins the amazing terror and power revealed in The Resurrection Murders. This barely scratches the surface of what is to come. There is much more magic, mystery, murder, fascinating characters, bizarre sex, unbridled egotism, heroism and finally, redemption.

You must read The Resurrection Murders.


Born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles, Don’s father died when he was five and his mother had a nervous breakdown. After her recovery, the main focus of his early life was one conservative Judaism, which to him meant be good to others, attend religious services and everything else will turn out okay. Just before his Bar Mitzvah, however, one of the Rabbis at his temple demonstrated to Don some of the techniques of Judaism which were more mystical in nature. Thus began a search for the inner truths of life that has lasted over the rest of his life.

During that time Don was admitted to UCLA before graduating high school, then went on to receive a B.A. in philosophy from that university. During his time at UCLA he studied film, public speaking, and wrote for the school newspaper, The Daily Bruin. Don also taught sleight-of-hand through UCLA’s “Experimental College” and became a member of Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, a private club for magicians. He studied music at UCLA as well as at Santa Monica College and UCSD. He received a fellowship to USC where he achieved a certificate in multimedia, 3D graphics and animation and web design following which he went on to work for major computer software companies and teach computers at USC. He has performed musically at major venues in Southern California and, playing keyboards in rock bands, has opened for such diverse acts as Elton John and Great White. On Super Bowl Sunday in 2000, Don had a near-death experience. This has lead him to the study of hypnotherapy. He is currently a certified as a clinical hypnotherapist by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH), the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP), and the National Guild of Hypnotists. He is certified to teach hypnosis by the ABH and is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming through the AIP.

Don received the title of Certified Tarot Master after a period of intense study through The Associated Readers Of Tarot, a not-for-profit, international, educational organization that has now ceased to operate. Later he was awarded the honorary rank of Certified Tarot Grandmaster by the American Tarot Association. He has read for thousands of people both privately and at “psychic faires” across the U.S. Don was the Editor-in-Chief of The Llewellyn New Times (now renamed New Worlds) for three years and FATE magazine, America’s longest-established magazine (over 50 years) that covers the paranormal for another three years. He has been the editor for Llewellyn’s on-line journal, found at He has contributed numerous articles for several magazines and has been interviewed many times on television and radio, both locally and internationally. He even had a radio show, “The FATE Magazine Radio Hour.”

Paranormal phenomena has always been part of Don’s life. When he was seven, his mother took him and his older brother to Las Vegas. At that time the city was not “family friendly,” and she sat him, totally bored, where she could safely watch him as she played the nickel slot machines. He begged to “play,” but she said he couldn’t as it was against the law. “Then I'll play by myself!” he announced. He walked over to a cigarette vending machine and pulled down the coin return lever matching what he had seen his mother do on the slots. Everyone was amused as $1.35 came out tumbling out. They ignored the obvious question: How did he know that machine would pay out money? Was it mere coincidence or something else?

Years later, he vacationed again in Las Vegas with one of the members of a band he played in. His friend, Fred, had one dollar chip left and wanted to play roulette. He bet on “red,” but Don told him that it was a bad bet, paying only two-to-one, and recommended betting on a column where the odds were three-to-one. Fred asked which column he should put it on. Don rested his hand on the table and said, “The first column.” Fred placed the bet and won. He asked Don what he should do and Don again rested his hand on the table. After a moment, he said, “Move it to the middle column.” He did, and he won again. Fred asked what to do a third time, and once again, Don rested his hand on the table. “Leave it there,” he said, after a moment. The middle column won again. Fred now had almost $65 in chips, but Don felt something new. He looked around and saw a crowd gathering, including police. Fred was underage, so Don grabbed the chips and said, “Let's go!”

Don has acquired a library of over 5,000 books, magazines, journals, and manuscripts, both common and rare, that deal with metaphysics, the occult and related subjects. He has been a member of several metaphysical and magical organizations. After ten years of personal study and practice he began to teach classes in the Southern California area on such topics as Kabalah, Tantra, Tarot, magick, psychic development, psychic self-defence and Wicca. Over the next ten years he refined his teaching style. He took his most popular classes, expanded on them and refined them into what has become Modern Magick, the first step-by-step coursebook in ceremonial magick. Almost 600 pages in length, the book is arranged into 11 time-tested lessons. It explains such subjects as magick, Kabalah, Tarot, Tantra, talismans, reincarnation, sex magick, the evocation of spirits, pathworking and much more in a clear, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use manner. As a result, it has become the most popular book of its kind, a virtual classic, having sold over 150,000 copies. He has continued to teach classes and workshops all across the U.S. and in Europe.

Don first began writing fiction when he was ten years old. The students in his class were asked to write a fiction story. Most wrote a page or two. Don wrote twelve pages of science fiction with an O. Henry-like twist at the end. Although his personal drive to write fiction focused primarily on the science fiction and fantasy genre, he eventually decided to combine his fiction skills with his occult interests. The result is his first novel, The Resurrection Murders, an exciting tale of what real magic is like and its use by a small, brave group of warriors to stop a serial killer and much worse in modern day Hollywood.